Customer satisfaction is of our utmost priority. Let’s see what some satisfied customers have to say!

“Joe is honest on the job, is really engaged and has an artistic creative mind”

We checked out 3 companies at first. Eventually we went back to them as [they] have done jobs for us before. The consistent quality of work is what we like. Joe is honest on the job, is really engaged and has an artistic creative mind. The design is good, and so is the workmanship. We needed them to touch up two, three times, and they are quite happy to do. The window grille was not to my satisfaction, and they address that within a week.

– Mr Cheng (Hougang Ave 2)

“He helped me save money this way”

We found out about this designer by word of mouth, and have found Joe to be reliable and responsible. He showed me his portfolio and we had 3 consultations. The sketches met our requirements, addressing my concerns. I cannot decide on the kitchen design, from the suggested mosaic wall tiles that Joe has picked for me. Sharing his expertise, he managed to make my house into one with a contemporary feel. I particularly like my wall tiles, the finishing of the wardrobe. A rather unusual suggestion made was to relocate a power point. Because my bedroom is small, he suggested the power point for the TV to shift to make better use of the space. We had a power socket trip when it’s connected to a heater, and while I was convinced it is time to change the heater, Joe asked the wire contractor to run checks first. Turns out I did not have to spend money on a new heater, because the fault was with something else. He helped me save money this way. Within 3 days it for fixed, the faulty wire was done up by HDB. While renovation cost was not the lowest, it brings its value with it.

– William (Rivervale Crescent)

“…got my interest at heart”

We got to know this company by word-of-mouth. We had asked for quotations from 4 companies. The boss Joe is a warm person, very down to earth, and sincere. When we ask for something, he gives his expertise to assess if it’s practical to implement. He helps ensure we spend on necessity, making me feel that he’s got my interest at heart. We needed after sales service, as I chose my study desk design to have no legs. A few months into use, the hinge cannot support the desk. A crack-line had appeared on the wall. I called them and they arranged for a carpenter to fix the issue, with a new laminate for the desk within a week. Their service is value for money, with quality partners in carpentry.

– Alan (Fernvale Road)

“I really like how spacious my bathroom is now”

I engaged Life Art as they designed my first house so I already have a good rapport with them. I also really liked their workmanship and found their prices to be reasonable. I am especially fond of my feature wall and my home’s transitional concept. I also really like how Joe thinks out of the box. The bathroom in the master bedroom was rather cramp and Joe helped make it more spacious by placing the basin outside of the bathroom and I really like how spacious my bathroom is now. The basin also made my room a lot more unique. Joe is patient and he knew how to complement his ideas with our own. Even after the renovation, Joe continued to advise us on how to further decorate our home. I am also very impressed by the workmanship of his sub-contractors. I did require minor after sales service for our window ledge and although I was only available on the weekends, Joe had no qualms about coming over during the weekends to fix the defects.

– Ivan (Tampines St 21)